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Let’s Lose The Good Old Boys

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

I’m one man who’s had it with the male leaders in government. They have brought us the Liberal-Conservative Chasm, The Tea Party, The Koch Brothers, and a totally dysfunctional corporate culture and government. Their massive male egos appear to have been formed more by their sexual drives than their minds. The Washington Post today has a fine article on women’s influence in government. A couple of quotes make sound points:

Senator Susan Collins, R, Maine commenting on women legislators: “One is the collaborative style that I think women as a whole . . . bring to legislating,” she said. “Second is that we’re in key positions and that allows us to shape legislation more directly. And third is that we do trust each other.”


“It’s not surprising that every time I’ve passed a piece of legislation, I’ve had a strong Republican woman helping me across the aisle,” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said in a recent interview. “Women are often very good at finding common ground and building bipartisan support.”

If the men of America can’t get past their fragile male egos and start rationally managing the country’s corporate business and government, let’s allow the women to try their hand. We’ve got 30 million unemployed, spend more on defense than the next 15 countries, and generally have an out-of-whack economy and government. Let’s see if the ladies can actually produce what the men have bombed at: adult corporate business and adult government designed to support all the nation’s citizens, not fail them in the infantile male race for fame and fortune.

Check out the entire Washington Post Article:

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