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Heated Opinions

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

Differences of opinion on national and international affairs are widespread in this so called digital age of the Internet. Everyone it seems is adding his or her voice to the common dialogue. Particularly those being supposedly guided by alleged Leaders are voicing their dissenting opinions. So many different perspectives lead to emotional turmoil between and among people.

Much is being written in the public press presented on TV and on various Internet sites. Many subjects are being tossed back and forth in most all directions. It almost feels as if Anarchy were rising up as the norm of the world and of the United States.

I think, however, that we are all simply too close in time to all of the issues of the day to yet judge accurately. The Internet has now for the first time in history allowed all of us to participate openly. Many are taking advantage of it. I believe it is not Anarchy. Rather, it may be a new era of open communication in its earliest stages.

An open dialogue is essentially the objective of any society trying to achieve a degree of democracy as its method of operation. The key of a dialogue, though, and especially of Opinions, is to be able to justify with sound reasons and logic what one holds as an Opinion. Possibly the present is a time where everyone’s Opinions are being held up to light to determine what does actually constitute Truth.

We need leadership today, for the issues of the times remain complexly important. Let us hope that through and from all the apparent bedlam of voices, some viewpoints approaching wisdom are indeed beginning to emerge. It seems we have been bogged down in an ideological quagmire long enough. A degree of rationality is in order.

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