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FROM MY CORNER:Being Encircled?

Howell Hurst Terrorism, War and Organized Mayhem

As I recently wrote again about the idea of an off-the-political merry-go-round guy like myself running for president, I did so by proposing ideas that I personally think essentially make a lot of sense for America today.

Three readers reacted to my writing. The rest of you, mostly my high school classmates of years ago, remained silent as mummies. That set me to thinking theoretically about why Americans remain so near-sightedly aloof from the many questionable things that are, bit by bit, occurring internationally.

I believe it is simple. And you can judge my belief from the following thoughts.

When in Athens Greece two years ago, I watched a public TV show of some 300 Arabic Jihadist Leaders discussing how they were proceeding to spread the gospel of their plans throughout the world.

They all were excellently trained in English and spoke it among themselves perfectly. The gist of their meeting was how successful they were, and are, at placing all of them in different world Capitols and major cities and recruiting new members to their ranks.

Specifically, they stressed how they should continue silently organizing more cadre for an eventual launch of their coordinated plans to weaken countries inclined to Democracy.

This Greek TV program amazed me. I can now only assume that Greece may have been perhaps an isolated instance when the Jihadists’ meeting’s filming went astray and somehow reached Greece but got no further.

I never saw this TV program reach America. And if it had, it would have been engulfed by  cartoon advertising enticing us to buy yet some other new gadget we require to satisfy our infantile craving for unnecessary baubles.

Another thing I notice, is that China’s centuries’ long habit of quietly encircling its numerous small enemies was how it finally grew into the most populous country of the planet. Which brought me to the conclusion that that is quite possibly what they are doing today, relative to America and her various democratically-inclined allies.

If you consider the world geographically, China’s trading allies (where the above Arabic “TV-Agents” are positioned today) essentially already encircle the US. These include Russia, Iran, North Korea, various Eastern European countries, and many separate small places in South America and Africa.

Is it not possible, I theorize, that China on a long-term basis, is just following its centuries’ long habit of slowly slipping up on us, its anti-Autocratic Enemies, stealthily preparing their support base for an envisioned diversionary attack on Taiwan – and possibly other places – in close collaboration with their developing allies?

You laugh? A sneak attack is what they used to surprise us in Korea. 300,000 invisible Chinese soldiers almost won that affair, if you remember. Am I a Conspiracy Theorist? Well, perhaps I am gradually becoming one. Is it such a wild theory for an old Intelligence agent such as myself to make?

Is it as wild as thinking people like Putin poison and imprison embarrassingly frequently their political enemies? Or assassinate them? We too have assassinated perceived enemies of ours.

The point I am making is only: is America so sheltered by the distancing of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in its own collective mind, that it might actually not be seeing a possible future?

The Japanese did something similar at Pearl Harbor. We Americans, Canadians, British, and other allies did something similar when we surprised Hitler with the D. Day Invasion of Normandy in World War II – which launched our successful battles against Nazi Germany.

I particularly consider my wild theory as I try to watch US news on the Internet, surrounded as it is by infantile cartoon commercials for stupid products we need like we need additional holes in our heads.

I believe we have enough holes in our heads. And that until we start considering “wild theories” such as mine, the prospects for our future may remain shrouded in a very gray fog of disinformation being quietly conspired among the dictatorial autocrats of the world.

What about you? Do any of you fellow slumbering oldsters have any thoughts about such thoughts as mine? Or are you too hypnotized by all the flashy cartoon ads? Or do you think Old Hurst is just off his rocker?

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