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FROM MY CORNER:Whee!War!Whoopee!

Howell Hurst Corporate Avarice, Defense Spending, Economy & Finance, Military Defense, War and Organized Mayhem

Mr. Putin’s Ukraine escapade has obviously excited China’s war imagination. American Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has increased its fervor. The only word I can come up with from my limited vocabulary to describe this phenomenon is: “Dumb.”

“Dumb.” There is no finer word to accurately describe it. “Dumb.” “Dumb.” “Dumb.”

The leaders of the world’s governments appear to have the intellectual heft of easily irritated pit vipers. While it is abundantly evident that only cooperation and collaboration among all nations is ever going to ensure the human race a long future, all our heads of state jointly appear to have their heads buried deep in the sands of “Dumb.”

World leaders are entrapped in a centuries old culture of nationalistic competition that has caused 100% of the planet’s troubles. Coupled with greed and egos, all leaders go hand in hand with the money people toward an inevitable chaos.

Humans’ main adversary to a long-lived existence is actually the natural Universe itself. The infinite forces of nature are more than enough to destroy human life. Even total cooperation and collaboration among all nations could not totally secure a safe future for us against the power of the Universe.

Nevertheless, world leaders spend the majority of each nation’s wealth on weapons of mass destruction. In America and most countries that fact is enforced by countries’ cultures actually making it the most financially profitable business known to humanity.  Financially we are all motivated to support the business of War.

Any voices that arise expressing the vital need for nations to establish – as a first priority  among themselves – a continuing public debate on how to dismantle the industry of defense are buried under the multibillion dollar advertising barrage tantalizing us to wastefully go out and buy some more weapons.

Plus buy some more of anything. Just go buy more. Now. Today. Tomorrow. And the next day.

What is it going to take to bring intellectual enlightenment to our existential threat? To awaken a mind-numbed world?

Russia, China, Iran, America, and the World may be on the way to finding out.



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