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FROM MY CORNER:Nato’s Wavering War

Howell Hurst Military Defense, Ukraine

Again, someone has asked why I am writing less lately. It is simple. The perspectives I wish to discuss so deviate from what is acceptable to mainstream media, and as my personall reading public is so small, media reject my writing submissions to them. For instance, my viewpoint on Ukraine:

  1. Putin relentlessly continues this war. From the outset, I have wondered why NATO countries did not directly confront him as he amassed his troops by voting Ukraine in as a NATO member. That would have put the very finest possible point on the Ukraine confrontation. Any attack on Ukraine by him would have been an unquestionable attack on the free world nations.

2,   Some readers think if this were done, Putin would indeed have fired a nuclear weapon.

    3.  I disagree. I believe Putin is bluffing.

    4. Putin has designed the Ukraine war to motivate the allegiance of China and Iran. NATO’s present war.

 Putin views NATO’s strategy as timid. NATO must wake to the fact that its military alliance is real. Only when that alliance unquestionably creates a militarily bold stance in Ukraine will it tactically  finesse his crude bluff.

One man’s opinion.


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