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FROM MY CORNER: Nato for Ukraine

Howell Hurst Europe, Military Defense, Putin, Ukraine, War and Organized Mayhem

Why do the free nations not get on with it and vote Ukraine into NATO?

I know the argument against it: it would officially make any Russian strike against Ukraine a strike against NATO forcing its members to become directly involved in the war, allegedly motivating Putin to utilize nuclear weapons.

Yes, it might do that. But I believe it would not. Growing numbers inside Russia are voicing opposition to this war. Many possess major untapped financial and political power. A collaborative effort by them would greatly complicate Putin’s conduct of the war.

NATO’s and the U.S.’s timidity to take on Putin has in my opinion allowed, and is allowing, tens of thousands of civilian lives to be lost in Ukraine. The free world’s waiting game has a tenuous chance of stopping Putin’s military.

A formally united NATO’s multiple member nations’ military would greatly outnumber and outman Russia’s. As a long-trained Intelligence officer, Putin would recognize the demonstrated resolve of his opposition to be a daunting change to his situation.

Everyone in the world, including Putin’s military leaders, know that a fully engaged nuclear exchange would be devastating to all involved. They would not support such a move but would in my opinion, place formidable obstacles in Putin’s way.

Would that be an unreasonable gamble on NATO’s part? I believe NATO’s present strategy of falteringly supporting Ukraine is the unreasonable gamble. Putin is gradually and successfully chipping off the Eastern ocean edge of Ukraine, its industrial base, and bringing it under Russia’s control.

That needs to stop. When Putin has all of Ukraine’s industrial base in his hands, he will control Ukraine. NATO and the U.S. will then have egg on their faces. And, more so, they will then absolutely have to directly unite militarily against Putin anyhow. They will have no other choice.

Better now than later is the wiser strategy in my opinion. Putin understands only power and force. I believe the free world must unambiguously show him now that it contains the physical, and intellectual power and force  to end his Ukrainian adventure.

That will require the combined militaries of the NATO countries plan now a comprehensive collaborative militarly strategy to deal with the military situation. That, I believe, is the real fear confounding NATO’S presently questionable strategy.

NATO and the U.S. are presently tap dancing around what may well be a deteriorating situation.

They need to waltz. Or perhaps better said, they need to Rock ‘n Roll.

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