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FROM MY CORNER: Which Dream, Mr. Trump?

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Mr. Trump says Mr. Biden will “demolish the American dream.” Which dream might he be talking about? Is it the one where we enslaved black people and economically still do? Or might it be the one where – by specific design – our early American government literally committed near total genocide on Native American Indian tribes, killing over 95% of them?

George Washington’s actual words literally ordered that the U.S. create: “Total destruction and devastation of their settlements.” In other writings, Washington proposed that Native Americans be exterminated  down to the last man, woman, and child. The documentation of this early American policy may be verified by you in professor Jeffery Ostler’s definitive book, “Surviving Genocide.”

A monumentally enormous chasm exists between the factual actuality of America’s development during and after our revolutionary war, and the written American history portraying an imaginative narrative relentlessly sold to its people.

Trump’s acceptance speech just repeated this fantasy mythology that extremist American right wingers have spouted for generations: that we are a chosen people manifestly destined to excel over and dominate all peoples of the planet.

The disgustingly lengthy and militant fireworks show that followed his speech demonstrated that Mr. Trump is primarily a TV program producer rather than a manager of a nation. He plays to a base audience that emotionally dreams of success to the point of religious ecstasy.

The followers of Mr. Trump will vote for him because he promises them a woman on the moon and the beautiful American flag planted on Mars. Meanwhile, he is utterly oblivious to the down-to-earth concrete needs of America and the world.

Global warming’s consequences are daily emerging planet-wide. Central and South American refugees separated by Trump from their children continue to suffer rape, intimidation, and death in Mexico, even as America could provide them introductory work needed by both farms and small manufacturing ventures.

As Mr. Trump accuses Mr. Biden of siding with extremist fringe violent protesters, another black American lies handcuffed to his hospital bed after being shot seven times in the back by a white policeman.

We do not need the dream world of Donald Trump. America needs someone who, flawed though he too may be – as are all of us – personally knows all other leaders of the world, and will work to bring a degree of rationality to our presently chaotic existence.

Those hypnotized by Mr. Trump’s three-ring circus presidency and re-election campaign are not thinking straight and true. They are irretrievably disoriented from tangible reality, entangled in a disastrously fake fairy tale.

Mr Trump has brought the ancient performance art of Burlesque back to life. The disaster is that, rather than understanding it was meant as a fun exercise, Mr. Trump is so mentally delusional he has convinced himself his Burlesque dream is real.

This is the tragic state of mind that Mr. Trump suffers from as a narcissistic sociopath. And that his followers suffer from. It is not a funny joke to be ignored or minimized. This kind of mental derangement filled the minds of Hitler and Mussolini, and does now Kim Jong Un and Duterte of the Philippines.

These are all very dangerous people. They contain brain cells capable of further unhinging the country and the world. Insuring this hallucinatory flimflam comes to an end is our Job One presently at hand.

Pass the word.

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