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FROM MY CORNER: The Latest News?

Howell Hurst Climate & Environment, Corona Virus, Defense Spending, Defining Trump, The Border Wall, War and Organized Mayhem, Women's Issues

The Republican Party’s Corona Virus financial relief bill includes $2 billion for a new FBI building and $8 billion for new military weapons. $4 billion of the defense spending is to replace funds Trump took from the military to build his infamous never-finished border wall down south.

Various male doctors have rejected several women’s continued Corona Virus symptoms, blaming them on female hysteria. So much for feminine equality as decreed by stuffy conservative old doctors.

Trump is still openly disregarding the science of his Corona Virus medical advisers and promoting hydroxychloroquine. Once he gets on a horse, whether it’s lame or not, he does not get off.

Several Trump- supporting political PAC’s have produced and are showing videos that continue to tout the alleged solutions to the Corona Virus that all medical experts say are scientifically invalid and actually dangerous.

The military spending in the “relief” bill is directed, apparently, to states where Trump is having trouble maintaining his political strength against Biden: Included are Maine, Florida, Arizona, Kentucky, Alaska, and Mississippi.

Also, all the major defense contractors in these states are beneficiaries of the defense funds included in the alleged relief bill to help small and minority businesses.  Boeing, Lockheed, Martin, General Dynamics.

Forgotten in all this rumble of disservice to the America people is the Climate Change issue. The battle to halt coal use, which is exacerbating the melting of the two polar caps, although greatly concerning scientists, is unseen by the politicians.

A recent Internet poll asks: Do you think the USA is out of control?

An understatement.

Business as usual appears to be the order of the day.

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