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FROM MY CORNER: The Hot Business of The Presidency

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A business colleague advised me to take a subscription to the Wall Street Journal recently, I did so. It contains mostly the same Associated Press news as all newspapers, all the top “breaking news” stories, plus a lot about how well or poorly various mammoth international corporations are faring financially

It does not, however, spend much time highlighting such following facts as reported by Walter Shaub Jr., former Director of Government Ethics:

            At least 13 foreign government-sponsored events involving 143 foreign government officials have rented space from Donald Trump properties.

            Trump has taken 470 trips to his private properties, including 272 trips to his golf courses.

            The cost of these estimated at over $100 Million.

            The Secret Service has paid up to $650 per night for rooms at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club, and once it is reported having paid $17,000 to rent a cottage from his properties.

            T Mobile executives have spent $195,000 at Trump’s Washington hotel.

            The private prison company GEO Group, having landed major contracts with the Federal government, has rented space from Trump properties.

            Other companies with interests before the Federal government who collectively have paid millions of dollars to Trump properties include: Nike, Microsoft, State Street Corporation, JP Morgan Chase, and USB Financial Services.

            Yes, indeed, it is quite good business to be president of the United States.

I wonder why the WSJ doesn’t run a daily front page feature for us voters about how our tax dollars are obviously helping Trump financially while he utiizes our country as a marketing department for his private real estate properties?

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