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FROM MY CORNER: Our Culture War

Howell Hurst Economy & Finance, People Politics

It is incontestable that the USA is engaged in a Culture War. What I define as a Culture War is the Liberal and Conservative perspectives of ideologies so singularly self-serving as to have become the DNA’S of their individual existences.

If we step back from this Culture War and strive to view each of their perspectives with as much objectivity as possible, it becomes clear that neither understands the other’s ideological viewpoint, nor tries to. Let alone ours.

Their ideologies have become so firmly developed as to be full-blown scorched earth policies.  In their fervor to inflict maximum pain on the other, they have each lost touch with the true skill of careful thinking.

Oh, they are masters of words: they have learned the various tricks of the journalism and public relations trades. They wield words like rapiers, daggers, and broadswords. Each of their allied media invite and thrive on the gigantic corporate world’s advertising dollars.

Meanwhile, America’s small business people, having frequently preceded self-employment with learning experiences at big business corporations, know that American capitalism has abandoned any loyalty it ever had for America’s workers.

America’s current freewheeling capitalism is not what we workers had in mind. We more commonly envisioned capitalism being supportive of Americans starting and running their own businesses.

We never envisioned capitalism creating a quasi-fascistic authoritarian nationalist government bent on dominating its people when they exercise their right to protest how they are being treated.

Of course, the anarchists, white supremacists, and weak-minded super nationalists who often infiltrate middle American protestors are not our allies. We have all had a cleaner vision than theirs.

Whether Left or Right, we have all allowed ourselves to become complicit in our acceptance of the government and society we’ve inherited after a quarter of a millennium of our country’s existence.

We all need to more forcefully influence government, its police, its various institutions. We all need to refocus our own self-serving efforts, embracing, reacting to, and acting upon the discomfort Americans are feeling.

We need to support that portion of our police who are able to restrain their militant training when dealing with blacks (and whites; I’ve been shouted at in my own town by muscle-headed cops!).

But we have gotten lazy in our responsibility to one another. We on our own geographic local levels of democracy’s once more solid ladder have work to do, which we have been abdicating.

There are too many ideologically-corrupted rungs on democracy’s ladder.

Small businesses and unemployed whose federal and state financial assistance has been so flagrantly misappropriated by giant corporations, should not be victims to the insatiable appetites of big business, or to both Leftist and Rightist politicians, whose bank accounts are all too often filled with big business dollars.

America’s small entrepreneurs and unemployed workers, regardless of the color of their skin, are not expendables of America’s economy. They are equal partners in the original concept of American capitalism.

America’s economic salvation is not going to be found among any of the giant corporations viewing America’s workers as expendable in support of their profit goals. Ditto for our politicians.

Neither Federal nor State governments are highly adept at helping  either small businesses or the unemployed. Big businesses certainly are not; they are too busy robbing both.  There isn’t anybody left but us.

Care to enlist in The Underground Resistance to the Culture War?

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