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FROM MY CORNER: Big, Fast,Luxurious, and Shallow

Howell Hurst Nature

Let’s inspect our Virus situation with fresh eyes, shall we?

Nature’s laws are delivering a message of how to adjust our way of living on this planet to insure we might possibly last another 2,000 years. Nature (or God, if you prefer) is telling us something meaningful.

View things from the perspectives of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, & Mathematics, and we see unquestionably positive effects the virus is having on our basic life support mechanisms.

       Our water is getting cleaner. The air is getting cleaner. We are consuming far less of the planet’s limited petroleum. We are wasting far less of her other physical natural resources. We are consuming far less of everything. The slowing of our consumption is markedly lowering carbon emissions, which is precisely what is required to lower the planet’s temperature and retard the melting of the ice, which threatens to engulf our coastlines, eject millions of people from cities and homes, and cost trillions of dollars.

For the price of a few thousand unfortunate lives, we have received a vitally important lesson. However, we appear committed to ignoring it. Moderating our wasteful addiction to luxury appears beyond our power to consider.

Mr. Trump insists on ramping up our dependence on overconsumption. Tesla’s Mr. Musk wants to move us to Mars. Neither suggests we first attempt to save millions of abandoned refugees internationally, and millions of unemployed, plus homeless, right here and now in America.

The religious leader of one of the world’s largest religions denies people birth control, while unable to control the predatory sexual passions of far too many of his allegedly god-inspired pastors.World leaders invest trillions of dollars in nuclear weapons; none has the moral courage to publicly propose they seriously discuss ending this highly profitable but destructive addiction.

Countries yearn for bigger, faster, more luxurious economies. It is this goal that dominates their thinking. Behind them as they plunge on, their shortsighted visions create millions of refugees. Millions of them starve to death.Do we slow down, consume less, rationally share available work with all people, hold conferences among leaders to reduce war? Nope, we’re all just preparing to get back on our insanely speedy treadmill.

In our pandemic, facemasks clearly help contain a virus pandemic, but crowds still clumping together in many places, denying the advice of scientists. Over-consuming, wasting, and ignoring facts: the human addictions, no matter the cost to humans. Over 95% of all species, including the various early human predecessors, have gone extinct.

We seem right on schedule to join them, I’d say.

What the Hell. Get it while you can, huh?

Now there’s a philosophyfor us, if ever I heard one.

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