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Howell Hurst Corona Virus

After my most recent lighter comments, let me say the following.

As the depth of potential damage of the Corona Virus becomes daily more apparent scientifically, the really serious problem we have is Mr. Trump’s intellectual inability to grapple with how complexly dangerous this virus potentially is.

This and the impending possible avalanche of new Homeless in America could be the worst effects of this whole affair.

We need a humbly brilliant mind at the helm of the ship of state and – instead – we have a self-obsessed egomaniacal mind, who is not a reader but a Fox TV viewer, not an analyzer but a shallow money-focused thinker.

We require a person in charge at this time with the grey cells to handle complexity. Instead we have a person deeply in love with himself, oblivious to anything that does not fit his psychological needs.

This pandemic could become a race against voting in a new leader. Hopefully, time will be on our side

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