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FROM MY CORNER: Who for President?

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Delaware’s good-old-boy Joe Biden is the elected Federal official who has singly most helped create and sustain the United States financial credit system that keeps the American public over-consuming and awash in debt.

There are literally more financial institutions licensed in free-wheeling Delaware than there are registered Delaware voters. Delaware laws are specifically designed to profit credit card companies and other financial institutions while keeping under their economic control most all American consumers.

Biden’s lifelong subsurface alliance with these companies has not shared the stage with his more visible image as poorer American gals’ and guys’ friend.  While Bernie Sanders has built his political funds solely with individual voters’ money, Joe Biden’s campaigning has always been amply based on financial corporations’ cash.

Joe’s political bread is spread with much the same corporate dollar butter as Donald Trump’s when you get right down to it. Biden’s recent political surge is fueled by the backbone companies of America’s financial elite, as is Trump’s.

The big money corporate world always bets its chips on both sides of the political poker game. Right now, they are increasing their gambling stake to block the corporate raider Bernie Sanders.

Sanders may unfortunately shoot himself in the foot calling himself a Socialist. One must comprehend that his much-beloved Danish economy is not Socialist; it is socially-supported Capitalism. Elizabeth Warren understands this and philosophically supports capitalism – if it will include a social support safety net.

Realistically, Bernie – if elected – could not seek or be able to implement a fully Socialist  American economic system.  His insistence on grasping the Democratic Socialist flag may well cost him the Democratic nomination.

That in turn may indeed place Biden in position to confront Trump. Bernie would be a stronger debater against the Don. He’s smarter than Biden or Trump. Just not quite as home-towny. The American public tends to prefer its candidates be snuggly.

They like a humble-sounding fella who occasionally stumbles in his words. An articulate candidate like Bernie who keeps his political blunderbuss loaded with financial facts as bullets does not quite meet their standard of the buddy neighbor next door.

Admittedly, I’ll vote for Biden against Trump if Biden wins the candidacy. But I don’t think he can change the American financial scene. He will not seek the deep financial changes necessary to level the playing field for American workers or small business entrepreneurs.

It’s true that Bernie would have a hard fight on his hands to level the field if he were actually elected President. But, I suspect he is probably crafty enough to pull it off – if Democrats would bet on him. Biden wouldn’t even try. He would be biting too many financial hands that bankroll him.

Only a 100% citizen-funded candidate can create positive financial change in America. We’ve got one now in Bernie. However, it will not surprise me if he loses the candidacy to Biden.

Bernie’s still got my vote. And I’d still like to see him add Warren to his ticket. I’d be happy with her as President and him as VP. Either way, together they could pressure the financial monopolies that control the lowly wages of American workers and cost them billions of dollars on health care.

They could conceivably even force American financial corporations to become real American citizens again.

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