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YES, To Mr. Trump!

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YES, To Mr. Trump!

Finally, an issue where I can agree with Donald Trump. Perhaps there is some potential financial justice due out of this President after all. The issue is Amazon, the “Monopolizing Manipulator of America’s Retail Small Business Marketplace.”

It has finally hit home to me as I attempt to act as my own publisher launching the Print Version of my book of short stories, “I Can’t Hear The Drums Anymore.” IF I sell via Amazon one of my book’s (out of my initial small print run of 100 books,) Amazon takes about 45% of my profit!

They do so through their proprietary electronic transaction that probably costs them less than a penny per book – if that much. I have no ability to negotiate a better deal with them. Their gigantic legal agreement form protects them from any expenses or any liability in my book selling effort.

I am required to take all the risk and expense, and then give them their 45%. The only way I can make back my investment money is to slowly and painfully grow my volume to the point that I can obtain cheaper printing costs.

When I finally accomplish that, my profit margin finally increases, and their cut stops damaging me so badly. Nevertheless, even when I do pull off the increased volume in sales, Amazon – for their penny per book cost – still takes a massive cut of my profits – quite simply because they dominate the digital marketplace.

So, in this instance, I say to Mr. Trump: “Good luck on this endeavor against Amazon.” I propose liberals and independents look closely at this Trump initiative.

Trump has the personality of a paranoid narcissistic Pit Bull, and I insist he needs some good old fashioned psychological counseling, but I’m on his team as he takes on Amazon.

You go, Trump! Prove what you can do!

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