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Corker & McCain: Right on Target

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Senators Corker and McCain are the two most credible voices of the Republican Party. Noteworthy, both are freed from reelection concerns, which helps prompt the clarity of their critiques of the Narcissistic Sociopath. (“NS”)

Both are cutting to the core of “NS’s” fundamental issue: his actual mental stability, his basic mental health, the actual quality of his rational cognitive ability. The rest of the Republican Party just keeps acting if things were normal.

It is not normal when a Narcissistic Sociopath holds the prime leadership position of our country. It is not normal when lies are the foundation of a presidential strategy. It is not normal when the Commander in Chief attacks the 24 year-old-wife of a U.S. soldier killed in action.

It is not normal when “NS” attacks anyone and everyone who critiques his dubious behavior. It is not normal when the now famous facial scowl of “NS” becomes the iconic Logo for incoherence. It is not normal to be paranoid about all criticism of one’s actions.

Senator Corker’s and Senator McCain’s words need to be taken to heart by the rest of the Republican Party. And the Democrats might want to align their critiques about “NS” around the same subject: what are the dangers of having a Narcissistic Sociopath as leader?

This is not a political issue. This is about the security of our country. Our reputation internationally is hinging on the words of a person who it appears contains all of the defining traits of a Narcissistic Sociopath. Who attacks our own allies.

For those who still hold “NW” in submissive awe, you might grab your dictionary and read the definitions of Narcissistic Sociopath. It is an enlightening experience. And overt American enlightenment is overdue. So is yours.

Those still mesmerized by a war-threatening “NS,” who constantly makes racially dubious comments, and repeatedly incites verbal confrontation with everyone, might want to question the motivation for their own myopic loyalty to this irrational personality.

To Senator Corker and Senator McCain: Keep speaking truth. It may be starting to seep into the consciousness of your colleagues – on both sides of the aisle. The country needs an emotional uplift. It deserves an uplift. It welcomes an uplift.

You two are right on target with your comments.

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