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Fish or Cut Bait?

Howell Hurst Defining Trump, Economy & Finance, People Politics


Here in California, which is universally acknowledged as the undisputed vegetable basket of the entire country, media news is reporting our local farmers literally cannot find all the workers they need to harvest maturing crops.

While thousands of willing immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America would gladly embrace the opportunity to do the work, Mr. Trump’s “Law & Order” rigidity is directly impacting this situation.

Simultaneously, multiple news sources report that illegal immigrant residents, who have peacefully lived here for years and have often actually created successful companies, have been separated from their legal U.S. citizen children and deported back to dangerous original homelands.

Denying humanitarian truths for a fanatical fixation on “Law” and “Order” Mr. Trump and his philosophical allies are treading on thin ice. We all favor “Law” as a guiding fundamental of democracy. There is, however, a major “But” to be considered.

There exists such an indisputable and organically human thing as “Invalid” Law.

When the executive, legislators, and judiciary favor a rich minority by directly targeted denial of the needs of the majority, responsibility devolves to the population as a whole. Then the people of a country are justified in deeming themselves duty bound to correct the misadventures of their dubious leaders.

It is quite clear in America that a fanatical hypnosis favoring the rich has infected many of America’s politicians. It is not yet clear that the majority of people have any alternative but to take matters into their own hands. Nonetheless, it is a valid question to begin to contemplate.

The entire world has become one large battle of The Rich versus The Poor. Both terms need legal definition, perhaps, but in the large scheme of things as seen by those clearly not fitting into the Rich category the definitions are not ambiguous.

There is always a higher authority than Law when Laws evolve into Invalid Laws. Philosophically, some might call that higher authority God. But in our growing secular world, we are more likely to call that higher authority “Us,” the human majority.

The rich will not miss meals if our crops are not harvested and prices for food rise. They will easily make do. But for those many who do quite literally live on our society’s financial edge, the consequences will be more serious.

Common sense has largely been missing in our elected officials for quite some time. With billions of dollars being considered to build a wall to keep out willing workers desperately needing respite from political and financial harm, it is not just common sense that is missing.

The responsibility politicians were elected for is absently teetering They are not mastering their job. They are undermining our trust. They sometimes come close to corrupting the very concept of Law.

Confronted by the raw nerve ends revealed by the Nazi, White Power debacle, it may be an auspicious time for our countries’ executive, legislators, and judiciary to put their thinking caps on. Who actually does this country belong to?

The majority of America’s people are peaceful, law abiding, and stubbornly convinced that good will and human tolerance are foundations of our country. A handful in both high and low places seem to be unsure about this.

Three hundred thirty million people are a formidable adversary if their citizenship is eventually revived by the spontaneous rebirth of their basic values, and they turn themselves into political activists.

America’s leaders might want to consider making sure that food crops and yearning immigrants can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. It appears to be time, as they say where I was born, for all our politicians to fish or cut bait.

Or should I say: dig turnips or hoe weeds?

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