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The Showbiz Guy

Howell Hurst Defining Trump


As distasteful as I find Mr. Trump, I am also not fond of the U.S. media’s show business presentation of the news. MSNBC’S Rachel Maddow, who is a good investigative reporter when she brings her star power personality under control, is becoming embarrassingly entertainment addicted.

Lately, she has fallen far too much into an insistently-giggling-bubbly-cute-little-thing presentation, monotonously saying the same thing over and over in slightly different ways to emphasize an essentially battle-worn point.

In particular, when she cannot find real new news about the Russia investigation, she pounds to death worn out news details to emphasize her dislike for Trump. She would be well advised to curtail her onstage diva performance, and dig deeper for other stories.

Trump is partly correct in his criticism of our media. These are not the days of past greats like Edward R. Murrow. If you are a young reader, google “Ed Murrow” and see what real news reporting used to be like before it just got silly.

The real news about Trump is more complex to get a handle on. He is a deeply insecure person. Any grown man who must constantly attack anyone and everyone who makes a critical comment about him is not secure in his mind.

He is like the highest string on a violin, very tightly wound, just to the point of snapping. That he has his finger on the nuclear button is seriously concerning. Instead of meeting with Kim Jong Un (another insecure, tightly wound personality) and talking to create a bridge point of communication, he looks to China and Japan for an answer to North Korea.

That is his weakness: he has no imagination. He is a dull, monotonous, repetitive man. He cannot see that as U.S. President, he is the one who needs to define a rational means of defusing Kim. He cannot do so because he is uncreative.

He is wallowing in his unique combination of false fundamental Christianity, militant bravado, and toadying loyalty to any who have lots of money. He is an utter fake, a charlatan.

The best thing happening in Washington, DC today are the other arms of government beginning to exert their influence by curtailing his powers in favor of their own. The various judges inhibiting his freedom are to be commended.

The man is an intellectual vacuum. His gray matter is limited. His cognitive powers are confused. He is not smart. He is simply a crafty bully because he does not have the brainpower to be anything else.

Let us hope the rest of our government is able to keep him in check before he pulls off something really stupid and dangerous. And let us hope that our media bosses find a way to increase the depth and tone and timber of their reporting.

They would do well to encourage some deeper thinking by their reporters, instead of the consistent exposure of every feeble thought that comes into Mr. T’s frenetic head. Happy Fourth. Keep the Faith.

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