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Salem: To Be Explained

Howell Hurst Defining Trump


We Americans are anxiously, ardently, ideologically divided today by the Trump vs Comey conflict. Engulfed by endless viewpoints, we find no common bedrock upon which to base a logical meeting of our minds.

With a wide array of confidential investigations underway, it may be that the substantiated facts required to relieve us from our baffling situation rest in the able hands of Robert Mueller and all his investigative compatriots.

Plain is that presently no rational majority, let alone consensus, exists to trend us all intellectually together. We are as puzzled as were the participants of the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692. And, are acting as irrationally.

Hopefully we will unravel this mess without executing many innocents, as was the disturbing outcome of the Salem affair. Beset unfortunately with all the inherent accusations of our many voices, such a happy result, however, is not assured.

It is noteworthy that this Trump vs Comey debacle originated from the alleged behavior of one Vladimir Putin. As a not totally irrelevant aside, permit me to point out that under his presence in the 60’s a concrete wall was erected dividing East from West Germany.

If Mr. Putin did indeed orchestrate a digital attack on our most recent election to disrupt our democratic process, one might say he has succeeded. However, as the process of discovery unfolds, I propose the opposite is occurring.

I believe the American people and their body politic may well be functioning as designed by our canny forefathers. Either our cup is half empty or half full. I adhere to the latter perspective. I believe we should firmly lay hold of the optimistic outlook.

Physicists know that the universe is a mysterious system whose apparent chaos we repeatedly, through persistent analysis, reconfigure into semblances of order. It is our human minds that mold messes into at least rational concepts of acceptable reason.

The truth will eventually surface from the Trump vs Comey conflict. And when it does, the American people I propose will discover and unite around an emotionally rational conclusion that permits us to move on with a degree of renewed wisdom.

This current conundrum is simply another test of our resilient form of government and culture. I believe this. If you do not, you might want to turn off your television and your smart phone for awhile, and reread a few paper versions of the history of our fledgling country.

“Chin up,” I say.

All this too will pass. We have a fine future, I am confident. We just want to make sure we do not throw out our baby nation with any dirty bathwater we discover and dispose of.

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3 thoughts on “Salem: To Be Explained

  1. Excellent commentary. Do you mind if I give an acquaintance your website? She thinks she wants to blog.

    1. By all means share my thoughts.The more the merrier is my belief. We’re all in the strange political mess we are in because so many of us have remained silent. It seems a good time for us all to take part in the battle and hope that some good comes of it. I appreciate your contacting me. Warm Regards, Howell

  2. ;Now that is a very enlightened article. I especially liked “you might want to turn off your television and your smart phone for awhile, and reread a few paper versions of the history of our fledgling country.” And also the paragraph that precedes it.

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