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Climate Change: A Broader Look

Howell Hurst Climate & Environment


Morro Bay, California . . . Before, lifting anchor today toward San Simeon, on my way to Monterey Bay, I need to say that am not a scientist, not a climatologist, not any kind of expert about today’s subject. I’m more like Will Rogers, who commonly said, “All I know is what I read in the newspaper.” Well these days, of course, I add the Internet to Will’s remark. But, I’ve been watching the climate issue a good while.

It interests me because so many people speak of it as if it were an eminently life-destructive thing – and I happen ro like living. I try to keep up on things that might interrupt my life prematurely. Also, as a sailor, I know the power of climate. Or I thought I did, until my reading showed me that what impacts sailing is actually weather, not climate. Climate is long-term; weather is short-term: right now.

I admit to being a liberal thinker, not the same thing as a political liberal, which is an entirely different matter. And a buddy of mine, who is pretty conservative (calls himself an independent thinker, but leans pretty regularly to the right), just yesterday sent me an Internet Link to a You Tube video that helped me broaden my perspective on the subject of climate change.

If you find the U.S. Paris Climate Accord withdrawal interesting, I propose you click the Link below and listen to a fellow who claims to be scientifically oriented and knowledgeable on the subject. Notably, he agrees that global warming is caused by humans, but he does not think the current Climate battle is all that serious.

Check him out and see what you think. I’m still thinking about it.

That’s the trouble with being a liberal thinking non-scientists who admires science. We’ve got this horridly liberal way ot trying to keep our minds open to the other fellow’s point of view.

Terrible calamity if some of your closest friends are convinced conservatives.


PS: I think I’ve copied the Link correctly. If not and you tell me so, I’ll follow up by forwarding my buddy’s actual e-mail directly to you.


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