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How U.S. Citizens Can Reverse our Departure From The Paris Climate Accord

Howell Hurst Climate & Environment, Defining Trump


Various ongoing U.S. government investigations will determine the destiny of Mr. Trump’s erratic administration. Gradually evolving facts will define our country’s direction, certainly not his obsessive Twittering and eccentric public appearances.

Let us here, however, deal with how we American citizens may help the entire world reverse the effect of his announcement about the departure of the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord.


One current way this can actually be accomplished is by noting the financial ploy the wealthiest of the wealthy, the Oil and Gas Industry, just orchestrated to persuade Mr. Trump to abandon the Paris Climate Accord.

Buying off with some $10,000,000 in publicly-documented political contributions to twenty key Senators, the Oil and Gas Industry was just able to have their loyal lawmakers target Trump directly, by letter, demanding that he abandon the Paris Climate Accord.

And he, understanding full well the financial consequence to himself, followed their dictate – despite the open opposition of about everyone else, including major U.S. corporations, academics, politicians, and scientists. 

So, now with most all other nations of the world on board of the Paris Climate Accord, what can we American citizens actually do to effectively counter that action by the Oil and Gas Industry?

Unless you are actually one of the upper-echelon wealthy executives of the Oil and Gas Industry, you can choose to recognize that your personal financial and environmental fate is the same as the Poor. You can consider acknowledging that, relatively speaking, you too are one of the Poor.

If you decide to accomplish this intellectually sound decision, then you are prepared to begin thinking like the multimillion-numbered Poor. You can actively help combat the Oil and Gas Industry, the financial adversary we now face in our increasingly tenuous position as addicted consumers.


What if we Americans would again begin to act not like consumers, but instead like real citizens. What if we would organize nationwide car-driving strikes? What if we would in substantial numbers literally strike together and stop driving our cars so much: personally, and to work.

With such a citizens’ strike, we would create an instantly measurable reduction in carbon emissions, demonstrate public support for the major voices opposing the Trump move, and directly impact the profits of the Oil and Gas Industry.

Within literally a handful of days of a national car-driving strike, the Oil and Gas Industry would record the loss of millions of dollars by our actions. This kind of public action would concretely demonstrate immediately and dramatically we understand that their wealth derives from only one source: From Us.

We can reverse Trump’s abandonment of the Paris Accord. This is what we should awaken to. There can be no Super Wealthy controllers of our destiny if we do not buy so much of their products and services, including gas and oil.

We hold the key to their controlling wealth. We are our own sole source of their political power over us. It is our addiction to excess consumption that binds our political hands and financially victimizes us.

Demonstrating in the streets will not gain us the political clout we need. Shouting slogans will not empower us. Signing petitions will not. But keeping our own money in our own pockets, thereby instantly impacting the Oil and Gas Industry’s profits, will immediately send the only message they respect: Financial power.


What will it be like if millions of Americans across the entire country simply do not drive for three days? If we find another way to get to work? If we car pool. Take a bus. Ride a bike. Walk. Skateboard. Or simply stay home.

This is a concept for us to further explore if the Paris Climate Issue is seriously important to you. It is a concrete strategy that all Americans can participate in to send an undeniable message to the most dominant political powers in the country, The Oil and Gas Industry and their Wealthy Allies: those who essentially own our political and financial soul.

The question to ask ourselves is: Who do we really want to own our soul? Who do we want to determine the future of our planetary environment, of our country, of ourselves? Who do you want to own your financial soul: The Oil and Gas Industry?

Or Yourself?

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One comment on “How U.S. Citizens Can Reverse our Departure From The Paris Climate Accord

  1. I just signed on with a national group that is going to try to sign the country on to the Paris accord by citizen rights and bypass the Trumplethinskins. At this point, it really matters no more what the jerk does, we will be getting rid of him and his henchmen in the very near future. He is presently setting groundwork to ditch and completely rewrite the constitution. The stuff he’s pulling personally on Kathy Griffith is totally uncalled for and tells me, not only is the man nuts, the rest of us don’t matter. It’s time for the A-H to GO!

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