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Let’s Do The Numbers:

Howell Hurst Defining Trump


Mr. Trump’s budget is the subject.

He proposes REDUCING the deficit by $120 Billion over 10 years through various social cuts. That amounts to savings of $12 Billion a year. There’s a problem here, though.

He proposes INCREASING Defense spending immediately by $50 Billion. That means he obliterates the proposed savings for the next four to five years.

How’s he going to overcome that actual deficit INCREASE? Easy, he’s going to say that by spending a lot more money on infrastructure our economy will magically grow enough to fill in the gap.

We’ve tried this top down schemes several times before. Without sound social programs, it has never worked. Just made q handful of people very very rich.

So, I have an idea for him. Why doesn’t he pass an Executive Order that ALL Defense contractors have to work on a Non Profit basis? And that the presidents of Defense companies can only pay themselves $100,000 a year (that’s double the national income average.)

I bet if he did that 75% of all defense contractors would go into some other business. And presently underemployed and unemployed people could take up the slack by becoming the presidents of the Defense businesses under the new non profit terms.

I’d work as a defense company President for $100,000 a year and a retirement plan. Wouldn’t you?

And as a non profit industry run by patriots instead of profiteers, Defense costs would drop from annual totals of nearly a $Trillion back to about $350 Billion where they were when the Soviet Union fizzled.

That would solve the budget deficit problem.

Neat idea, don’t you think?

I like it.

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One comment on “Let’s Do The Numbers:

  1. I’m for it. I think the military is mainly an unemployment program anyway. Let’s close down our overseas basis, bring those guys and girls and their salaries home and use them to do all the infrastructure repairs. Reduce the USAF budget by about twenty planes – that ought to cover improving schools, single payer health care, teachers’ salaries, and mental health care for police officers – you know – REAL problems.

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