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Predicting is Dangerous; However:

Howell Hurst Defining Trump

Media professionals, politicians, and others have been publicly defining their positions regarding Donald Trump and his presidency. Beyond the issue whether one supports Mr. Trump or not, a far deeper question has been raised by members of both the Left and the Right.

That question is whether Mr. Trump is mentally sound. This has been repeatedly raised relative to established norms of the mental health profession and of the American society of which he is a member. Various diagnoses by a number of mental health professionals seriously question Trump’s mental stability.

This question of mental normalcy has arisen from both sides of the political spectrum based on the accumulation of facts surrounding Mr. Trump’s actions in office. Particularly relevant are various issues relating to what have been defined by some as corruption – as based on American Law.

Many of these issues relate to his public self-promotion, which profitably impacts his companies and is reputedly against American Law for a public official, including the Presidency. That his ventures are directly profiting him and his family cannot be denied.

Subsequently, issues have been raised regarding Trump/Russian Collusion, Impeachment, and Trump’s vice president invoking the 25th Amendment to replace Trump and become the “Acting President.” Even some Republicans have raised the last issue.

Mr. Trump has apparently realized that his involvement with Russians is sufficiently suspect that he has finally hired a personal attorney. I suspect that all of this may not play out the way Mr. Trump and his loyal fan base believe is going to be the case. If I were required to make a prediction, I would speculate that the odds of Mr. Trump successfully continuing his particular media strategy is dubious at best.

It is not my choice to pass moral, ethical, or medical judgment, on one whose actual sanity may become part of a legal question. I have personal experience with a family member who is bipolar. I know how controversial and disabling a thing questionable mental health can be. I know personally some of the financial and legal consequences that can ensue therefrom.

I believe, however, we are about to see a profound historic event occur regarding this presidency. What exactly that event is going to be I do not choose to predict. However, it will, I believe, be a wake up call for the American people.

Hopefully, we may all grow from the experience. A new maturity is surely needed by Americans. We have too long been absorbed with a shallow philosophical, political, and economic system that has essentially institutionalized the worship of money rather than the mutual respect of one another as human beings – and as fellow citizens responsible to each other for our collective mutual well being.

Mr. Trump may unintentionally prove to be the catalyst that brings us all to our senses.












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One comment on “Predicting is Dangerous; However:

  1. Trumplethinskin is definitely a few marbles short. If one would notice, he is constantly in a position of the pot calling the kettle black. i.e.: he is forever complaining about the leaks in his own cabinet and line of dummies … however it you will notice, he just got in trouble with Theresa May in England for leaking their info that was supposed to be locked tight. Thus, England is no longer trusting information of any kind to Trump!

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