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Traveling Trumpism Thoughts

Howell Hurst Defining Trump

After two and a half years cruising the Pacific coast from San Francisco to La Paz, Baja, Mexico and back, the idea of living again on land has piqued my curiosity. Once more, for the fourth time in life, I am drawn back to Monterey, California. So, on May 15, I abandon sunny southern California and sail north.

In Monterey, I will produce my commentaries by Video, sending them out via e-mail, as I have my writing in the past. But before heading out to sea, I thought I’d burden your mind with a brief summary of my thoughts about the curious state of affairs splaying itself across the world stage these days.

Trumpism undeniably dominates the presently painful evolution of American Democracy. This fellow’s planetary effect via digital media is a phenomenon all its own. Wouldn’t Napoleon have been thrilled to have access to it in his day.

My reading of Mr. Trump? I judge him to be an attempted fake refutation of the entire accumulated basic intellectual foundation of American Democracy. He is a reversion to an utterly illogical political style that pretends to constitute thinking. His thinking process is a result of the combined distorting forces of the most deceptive Madison Avenue marketing techniques and purely geeky digital gobbledygook. It is total nonsense. More, it is nonsense being touted as rational.

It is the obsolete media concept that if you repeat a falsehood enough times, people will accept it as truth. However, too many people see through it today. National polls document that well over 60 percent of all Americans judge it to be what it is: farcical.

Minds accepting this kind of thinking are susceptible to the superstitious aura of power. History has repeatedly produced them. Such minds have repeatedly intersected with some new ideologically-motivated personality eager to lead them down a fantastically obtuse maze allegedly leading to a new political nirvana.

Combining arrogant bluster with religious overtones, healthy dabs of intimidation, and psychologically-tempting misrepresentations, such leaders have commonly flirted dangerously close to militant fascism.

Do I forecast a doomsday conclusion to this political experiment? No. I think the American people and their system of government will prevail and that we will get through this debacle safe and sound.

Three hundred thirty million Americans, possessing an almost mystical sharing of common sense, will win this struggle with chaos. That’s where I place my bet in this seemingly insane game of political poker. We guys down in the trenches have got too much combined experience to be permanently bamboozled. We eventually always figure out how to see through simplistic smoke and mirrors.

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