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From Gandhi to Winfrey

Howell Hurst Presidential Election

In the gym where I work out, another aging white fellow proposed to me this week that the Democrats could do far worse than selecting a black woman entrepreneur millionaire as their 2020 presidential candidate.

The lady in question is rich, beyond doubt, and smart. She’s sharp as the tip of a tack. Plus she embraces the single trait most missing in politicians today: a deeply innate sense of obligation to humanity.

The icing on her political cake would be that she brings a massive personal voting constituency to the presidential race. Millions of women and men admire her, and appreciate her sensitive loyalty to people.

I see another benefit to Ms. Winfrey as a presidential candidate. Her obligation to humanity reflects her innate credentials as a grass-roots, home-grown philosopher – a talent entirely absent and sorely needed on our political landscape.

Ms. Winfrey, I would hazard, has read Mr. Gandhi somewhere along the way. She would likely lead with wisdom and restraint. If surrounded by wise, politically experienced, tough Washington, DC infighting-philosophers, I bet she would make beneficial, workable decisions for all Americans

Regarding Defense, I am confident she would always embrace sensitive communication with perceived enemies before brandishing America’s immense military might. Thereafter, I would trust that with cautious advice and sound options she possesses the intelligence to wield such a big stick wisely.

As I continue to observe our present fumbling leadership day-by-day unfold its utterly embarrassing incoherence, all the more I see my gym locker mate’s proposal not as a wild comment, but as a potentially sound consideration.

Whether the Democrats could possibly have the sagacity to embrace such a candidate is the real question. Their disarray is as thorough as that of the Republicans. The saving grace would be, however, that this lady might conceivably win if she ran as an Independent.

Whether this lady so much on top of her game would want to risk her personal values before the inherent corruptive influence of the biggest DC job is the sticking point. Our evolved cabal of wealthy plutocrats and greedy lawyer politicians has become so entrenched it is a frightful enemy to confront To get tough enough for the job, in addition to Gandhi’s wisdom Ms. Winfrey might also want to study the life of Golda Meir, the past Israeli Prime Minister.

Oprah Winfrey. President Winfrey. I like this Idea. It has a good sound.

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