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Unusual Business

Howell Hurst Defining Trump

Republicans are already methodically amassing millions of dollars for the 2020 presidential election. They are spending substantial sums of it in meetings and affairs in hotel properties owned by the president. We are bankrolling his Florida self-promotion campaign. He is directly profiting from our tax dollars and the publicity he generates attracting the dollars.

When American citizens stand up across the country and massively demonstrate to ask for his tax returns, he obliquely threatens them by asking, who is financing their demonstrations; and, further, how dare they ask him about his financial affairs when the election is now over and, after, all, he is the president?

He specifically avoids the Florida tax demonstrators near his palatial weekend getaway by directing his several million-dollar motorcade to take the long scenic way to his golf dates. He partially defends his secret tax returns by maintaining he as president has no requirement to respond to civil suits, that he is immune to transparency.

He is surrounded by the wealthy, while he has had deported mothers with green cards back to unsafe conditions in the countries they have left fearing for their and their children’s lives. He has the entire world on edge with his sword rattling. As I observe the ridiculousness of all this, how does it affect me, personally?

With only a few hundred readers, I am no threat to the president. However, from my perspective, I know I feel fear that if he were to become aware of my writings about him, he could be capable of disrupting my efforts. His history of relentlessly attacking anyone and everyone who opposes him is the basis of my fear.

I didn’t serve the U.S. military with the expectation that one day I would fear my own country’s president. I do not like it. I do not think it is demonstrative of unfounded paranoia on my part. I believe the president possesses a questionable set of values. He is a strange personality. He is too radical and emotional and flippant for me.

His inconsistencies cross all borders. He proclaimed during his campaign that he was some kind of super Christian, but he does not attend any church regularly to support his claim of piety. As a non-believer, his belief is not mine, but his obvious disregard for his belief is telling.

He is a man of vast extremes. He is in no way a conservative person. He is certainly not a liberal one. He inhabits an indefinable piece of mental territory. All those, including acquaintances of mine who admire him, leave me incapable of fathoming their thinking. I cannot imagine what about the man they admire.

I cannot understand where our country has gotten to in acquiring such a person as our elected leader. He astounds me. I wonder why the FBI in its Russia/Trump investigations has not required his IRS returns. Do they fear this man? Has he created such a media hypnosis that even the Washington establishment is intimidated and unable to do the work of the American people?

The press almost treat him as a marginally offbeat character. They too seem to have become protecting themselves from his wrath. No one refers to fascistic type behavior, no one expounds on the dangers of oligarchy, no Molly Ivers imitator stands up against him. The dissenting voices speak about him in the most academic terms.

I think many people sense this fellow is an extremely loose cannon with his finger on a very hot nuclear button, surrounded by enough other extremely loose cannons, that caution is the word of the day. I believe a nation held in suspension by unarticulated fear, while the only real vocal opposition comes from such personalities as Bernie Sanders, has got itself in a real bind.

Am I missing something? Am I alone in my thinking? I think not. I believe it is not a healthy place for a country alleging democracy to be in. I think the various ongoing investigations must lead soon to transparency for this presidency. If they do not, we all have a lot to consider about our country, and its weird overnight transformation into another land than we thought was ours.

I am not quite sure now who it belongs too. Are you?

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2 thoughts on “Unusual Business

  1. After hearing “Face The Nation” this morning, I seem to agree with their thoughts about the “Presidentite” {I say “ite” because he thinks he is president but really is not, doesn’t carry himself as a President, doesn’t act like one, doesn’t rationalize like one,as the undercurrent in DC is that there is no one individual in charge, each does his or her own thing, and whether or not they agree with the Presidentite, they only agree with him or give him what he wants to hear. There seems to be no one person whom, after all others leave the Presidentite’s office, lingers long enough to give gum the truth whether the wants to hear it or not. They are all afraid of him for fear of losing their jobs. For in a Trumplethinskin Oligarchic Dictatorship, to disagree with him is to be let go, as he never believes he is wrong and should n ever be told NO!

    This cannot go on for four years, although he is already setting up groundwork for the ensuing 4 years, as we speak. The man is neither a realist, pragmatist, the only “tis” the applies to him is massive Egotist with extremely thin skin!

    Even the “MOAB” he takes credit for, is in actuality not his to claim, the groundwork and actual plans and manufacture were set up by Obama, the only thing “Trumplethinskin did was to say OK and claim the feather in his cap. The actual manufacture of the bomb is in McAlester, Oklahoma, where there are approximate 16 additional ones in storage.

    I am afraid of the man, not that he is President, not that he is able to do massive damage, but that the damage is a product of his tantamount INSANITY!

  2. Of course we know whom the country belongs to: the mega corporations and Wall Street. The voters who bought into Trump’s bull —- probably still believe in Santa Claus! Former Justice Souter said “democracy cannot survive civic ignorance,” and we’re more ignorant as a society than at any time in our history.

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