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The Trump Deal

Howell Hurst Defining Trump


The Trump Deal:

Just for the record, as I continue to watch all of the many inconsistencies of Donald Trump and his associates, I am becoming sorry I made the effort of commenting about him recently as a potentially valid military commander. I believe that was emotionally irrational of me.

Rushing a naval task force to North Korea is not smart. Kim Jung-un is an extremely loose cannon. This could trigger a hot and potentially nuclear war. If one of our basketball players can have flown to North Korea and made friends with Kim, our president could himself personally visit Kim and use his alleged personal charm to soften the relationship between our two countries.

You may accuse me of pulling a Trump 180 degree turnaround. If so, so be it. I read daily tons of mail from around the globe. The world’s reactions to Trump’s inconsistencies continue to be substantively dubious. All the sudden and repeated U.S military news is not encouraging.

I still think his mental capacity is limited. He has got to show some very basic common sense soon. If he is not intellectually capable of this, I don’t think this man is going to work out as a real leader. And his effect on the world, and on our U.S. economy and reputation will be decidedly negative for some time.

He just doesn’t seem to have a well-balanced mind. He is limited in his perceptions. And, besides that, he spends so much time and money playing golf in his private Florida opulent playpen while serious matters require serious attention, I don’t think Americans should be obligated to pay for it.

So far, he still doesn’t really feel like a good deal to me.

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