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Chemical War & Duplicity – Trump Style

Howell Hurst Defining Trump

Mr. Trump deserves serious rebuke for blaming Mr. Obama for a gas attack on Syrian civilians by it government. He currently claims Obama did not send U.S. troops early enough into this war. Trump’s attempting to blame Obama for an apparent Syrian chemical attack is typical of his utter disregard for facts.

  1. NBC has documented much researched quotes of Trump during his campaign specifically warning Mr. Obama to NOT become involved in the Syrian conflict.
  1. Mr. Obama, remember,  specifically requested Congress authorize him to commit U.S. involvement in Syrian – and Congress REF– USED to even answer him!
  1. Trump at that time vehemently warned Obama in the media that, “Syria is not our problem,” “We should stay the hell out of Syria,” “Stay out of Syria.”
  1. Now, Mr. Trump attacks Mr. Obama for not having sent U.S. troops to help prevent atrocities by Syria in the continuing war.

Mr. Trump is now quietly sending more U.S. troops into Syria, without saying a word to the media about it.

You cannot be more two-faced than that.





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