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The Great American Horse Race

Howell Hurst Presidential Election

My absence has not been intentional. My Computers were doused with sea water I d new ones had to be shipped from the US with English and American keyboards. mmunication between Mexico and USA was complex and lengthy. I am still relearning how to use a PC after years with a Mac. [The PC is necessary for me to send and Receive emails via Single Side Band short wave radio in middle of oceans.]


So – this Presidential race is upsetting people from all sides, but I must tell you, not me. If Trump wins and picks Palin or Cruz, things will be alright. The world will not die, just stumble for eight more years.

Liberals will probably pack the Senate and House with vocally agile opponents and badger The White House its whole eight years until
Trump chews his fingernails off. That will be fair play; after all, it’s what the conservatives did to Obama.

The American public may not be genius material, but it has a knack for pulling irons out of the fires of Hell to balance the stunts pulled by the Pols on the road to infamy.

Once I get the knack of this new keyboard, I’ll resume commenting on the race.

Cheers from sunny La Paz where it’s 80 degrees.

Stay tuned.

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