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More Thoughts on the Corporate Nation

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

The obvious question arising if we contemplate replacing “Profit” as our basic life motivation with, instead, ”The Successful Sustenance and Extinction Prevention of the Human Race” is, of course, a tricky proposition. We do adore our Profit motive. The most probably objection would likely be: how can we possibly figure out all of the details necessary to accomplish such a lofty goal? Well, we did it to get to the moon; and we do it to fight giant wars. Why not do it to prevent our extinction?

I think the answer is pretty simple, actually. If you subdue the Profit motive and replace it with how to prevent human extinction, answers start to fall right into place. First, we must accept that our entire economy rests on the firmly established foundation of the military/industrial/communications complex of companies owned by a relatively small group of fabulously wealthy. This is in great part how they got and remain wealthy

Our nation thrives economically to its very core on this economic fact. We are emotionally and financially wed to the proposition that hundreds of billions of dollars of our gross domestic product are military manufacturing based. We sell their products worldwide. I have often wondered how our foreign affairs would be handled if we took Profit out of our defense industry and reestablished it on a totally non-profit basis.

I suspect that thousands of people would go into another business: perhaps solar manufacturing, air and water purification, weather science, deeper medical research, training unemployed for new jobs, waste recycling, conservation, anti-child-sex slavery strategies, better education, etcetera. Might it not be a healthy thing to limit the defense industry to die-hard non-profit patriots, and increase profit incentives for all industries that seek to prolong life, reduce injustice, and prevent our potential extinction? Makes sense to me. Might be a real game changer.

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