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A Plan of Action

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

After months of writing this Blog, it’s time to make a change. About 15% of our high school classmates [the most die-hard religious and conservative ones] have dropped out. Many did so with upset stomachs about my heathen spiritual condition; many did so about my having lived so long in major cities of the world where independent thinking prevails.

Those remaining are apparently divided between independent thinkers and the majority, who refrain from expressing any opinions whatsoever. So, I’ve decided to stop writing a daily Blog. Instead, I’m only going to write a Blog when something strikes me as really important and challenging. I’ll be adding a video version, I believe, to tickle your interest.

Besides, I am up to my ears editing a year’s video taping of a film based on a short story I was able to sell to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery magazine years ago. Editing is the hard work, the nuts and bolts of finishing the job. It takes a lot of concentration, so backing off on Blog writing will help. Besides, it will lighten up the load on your brain reading my daily scribblings, which should certainly please everybody.

After all, who needs another writer pontificating on the state of the world and politics? I’ve about decided that politicians are going to do what they do despite our votes or opinions. Conservatives are going to remain conservative, no matter what anyone says – and visa versa for Liberals. People are usually just too stubborn to change, no matter what anyone says. Plus everyone seems to enjoy battling over their differences.

As I edit, I’ll probably put some of the scenes up on the website. If so, I’ll send you a reminder. If you’ve not looked at the novel, “Subterfuge,” or the book of short stories, ”I Can’t Hear The Drums Anymore,” I’m working on print versions. Both are available now in Kindle versions. Not bad reading, I’m told by some curious souls.

I’ll Blog when the spirit hits me square in the gut. Keep healthy.

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