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February 14. 2005

I suppose I should hold the Governor (Mr. Schwarzenneger) in awe. After all, he is much bigger than I am. And much richer.

And he has a lot of big business friends I don’t. But, there’s something about him that unsettles me. When he called some gentlemen girly men, for example, I thought he was a little out of order. Kind of like a boy acting like a man. A boysy man, you might say.

Also, take, for instance, the nursing issue. America is short tens of thousands of nurses. Nurses are so overworked they can’t give their patients adequate medical care. They’ve asked for a limit on patients per nurse. The Governor says no. Rather, they must work harder to fill in for our country’s inadequate medical system.

I’d like to know why our capitalistic Governor doesn’t, instead, organize a new California-based, national Nursing college to train enough nurses to care for hospitalized Americans properly? The nursing college could replace one of California’s military bases the Governor is trying so hard to save. That would help reduce the size of the Federal government. He always says he’s for that. It could be bankrolled by a California-based venture capital fund to loan new student nurses the money they need for the schooling – all paid back by them with interest when they have graduated and started working – serving patients adequately.

I think if the Governor did that he would be a real nurse’s man. And a man’s man.


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