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February 12. 2005

A few thoughts about the leftover soldiers of yesteryear.

While we bankroll billions on the Iraqi war, kill more than one thousand of our ablest sons and thousands of our alleged enemy, how many homeless American veterans sleep in doorways every night?

I don’t know the exact number either, but I know it’s big. I’m a veteran who’s gotten medical help from VA hospitals. I’ve personally seen homeless vets at VA hospitals across the country.

Why can our alleged leaders find billions of dollars to invade Iraq, but can’t provide housing for the homeless veterans their wars create? Most homeless veterans have serious mental problems. Many are alcoholics and drug addicts. Many have post-traumatic stress syndrome from the mayhem of war.

As our homeless veterans sleep in the bushes, the doors of most Christian churches are locked every night, while their parishioners go safely home to watch the new veterans fight the war on TV.

Where is the moral value in that?

A good number of our soldiers being praised today, those who make it through alive, will come home tomorrow to a homeless existence of their own. This government, and most Christians, won’t be doing anything to help them either.

Believe me.


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