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This is a major danger to Americans’ freedom.

The biggest danger is that the majority of Americans either like the domination of our media by a handful of multinational corporate owners, or they are unaware it has happened. I am neither an internal nor an external conspiracy theorist. That is to say, I don’t think any group is out there trying to enslave us. But, I know that both government and large businesses consider us ordinary citizens pretty easy to manipulate. And they both know that the secret is to control the media.

Now that large corporations have gained maximum influence over government, they’re all one big happy family. And the name of their game is to plunder us for as much of our income as they can to feather their own nests. I understand all Congressmen get to retire with full pay thanks to a guaranteed retirement account we citizens pay for. They don’t talk much about that as they debate the future of our paltry little Social Security accounts.

Imagine if you were the president of a major corporation or of a country like ours. You own a lot of oil interests and financial interests all U.S. citizens have to buy from. You’ve got 280 million people to sell to. If you run the government and the radio and TV stations, you run about the whole ball game.

With most of us Americans getting our news from papers, magazines, radio, and TV owned by the guys above, and believing it’s always true news, we are all open to being made a patsy to their game. I mean, if you can’t trust the newspapers and magazines and radio and TV, what can you trust?

That’s a good question. If several million Americans would stop plopping down every night for five hours to watch the 90% drivel put on their TV screens by the guys upstairs, they might think enough to come up with some answers. And the answers, I guarantee you, would scare them.

But, book sales are down, and TV watchers are up, and that makes for a country where most people have turned over their thinking to someone else. It’s so much easier to just watch the TV and believe it’s all true and not let yourself get worried about it.

Eighty percent of all Americans were initially against the Iraq war. After three months of carefully planted news stories selling us some highly touted, but questionable, “facts,” eighty percent of us were for the war. That’s the power of owning 90% of the media.

I am amazed at the number of people who never listen to National Public Radio, or any of the remaining privately-owned, politically-savvy stations. We have truly become a nation of Pop Culture programming. We buy into the TV view without a doubt.

May I invite you to stay tuned to this subject with me? I’ll be writing more about it as time goes on. Perhaps I can bring you some alternative facts to chew on while you’re watching TV.

In the meantime, what are your views on the subject?

I’d like to here from you.


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