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Yearning For Sanity

March 2013

The insurmountable poltroonery [you may want to check that word in your dictionary; it’s a good word to know], the poltroonery of the world’s endlessly warring leaders is monumentally embarrassing. Right up front are the religiously fanatic Islamic terrorists, killing innocent people in the name of their invisible God, plus the fervent Christian counter terrorists killing the Islamic terrorists in the name of their invisible God, and then the intellectually dubious corporate and government leaders of the developed world, including our own United States. Isn’t it truly incredulous how passionately and predominantly incapable they all are of peacefully conducting themselves in a rational manner? Flippant teenagers with their yet unformed minds cannot hold a candle to the endlessly violent con artist antics of the planet’s religious, political, and corporate conquistadores.

My occupation and preoccupation is writing fiction and producing dramatic film. But, because of the pivotal and vital turning point we humans find ourselves at after our brief 10,000 year span of moderately educated evolution, every single day compels me to cry out about the self centered near sightedness of those who disrupt the destiny of us, our country, and the world.

All internally reflective writers seek a similar thing: that elusive quantity we naively but hopefully identify as truth. But more than anything, I personally hope that my opinions on the tangible and intractable events of our times may be endowed with just enough basic common sense to help a few leaders truly meet the demands of their trade.

With a handful of exceptions, those who lead us today from their well-paid TV pulpits, corporations, and our government are pitifully remiss in their jobs. You know it; and I know it. The question is: when will they know it? When will they mature to full adult stature and assume responsibility for the future of humanity, which only they possess the power and assets to alter beneficially?

It is the most daunting and devastatingly important question of all time. Upon it depends the outcome of the most intriguing experiment of nature: the eventual fate of human beings in the universe.

Let us hope that at least a few of the world’s militantly addicted leaders are righteous enough to stop violently enriching their own religious and financial cabals, and start thinking about the future of the human race. However, I don’t suggest we hold our collective breath while waiting for this improbable miracle to occur.

Doing so might make us very red and puffed up in the face.

Until next time, From My Corner, this is your ally in dissenting mischief, Howell Hurst.


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