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The First Day of Spring [Short Story] Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

Apr 1969

Being Responsible [Article] Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, N.H..

May 1982

Building Bigger and Better Weapons [Commentary] Concord, New Hampshire

Jun 1982

Can Private Industry Turn Waste into Gold? [Commentary] New Hampshire Times.

Oct 1982

Protesting Experience Gives New Insight To Carmel Man [Article] Peninsula Herald, Monterey, Ca.

Apr 1983

Visit with Cole Weston [Photo/Profile Article] Peninsula Herald, Monterey, Ca.

Apr 1984

Cole Weston on His Own Terms [Photo/Profile Article] Photo District News, New York, N.Y.

May 1984

Cat Skills: The Monterey Multihull Classic [Reportage on Olympic Trials] Monterey Peninsula Herald.

Jul 1984

It Was A Short But Exciting Sail South [Adventure Article], Peninsula Herald. 

Oct 1984

Sailing On Monterey Bay [Article] Guest Life Magazine, Monterey,CA.


Cannery Row (Article about Steinbeck, Ed Rickets, and modern Cannery Row) Guest Life Magazine


Investing in South Africa [Viewpoint] The Stanford Daily, Palo Alto

May 1985

Military Spending [Commentary] San Francisco Chronicle.

Mar 1986

Debt Laden U.S. Living on Borrowed Time [Commentary] San Francisco Chronicle.

Nov 1986

And To The Republic For Which It Stands [Commentary] San Francisco Chronicle.

Dec 1989

How The Private Sector Can Help The Homeless [Commentary] San Francisco Chronicle.

Sep 1986

Protests Are Against More Than Just The War [Commentary] San Francisco Chronicle

Jan 1991

A Partial Solution For The Homeless [Commentary] San Francisco Chronicle.

Apr 1993

In His Father’s Image [Photo Article] Modern Maturity Magazine.

Jan 1997

Five Histories of American Corporations [Articles] “Cities By The Bay,” Heritage Media Corporation.

1997 Edition

Five Histories of American Corporations [Articles] “Los Angeles, Place of Possibilities,” Heritage Media Corporation.

1998 Edition

From My Corner [Political/Social Commentary] The Malibu Chronicle.


From My Corner [Radio Commentaries] aired on NPR/KAZU


The Crazy Man, Reading on NPR/KPRX

Jul 2010

Bogart, Where Were You When I Needed You? on NPR/KPRX

Feb 2011

Long Walk to The Showers, on NPR/KPRX

Feb 2012

I Can’t Hear The Drums Anymore (Short Stories) and Subterfuge (A Crime/Espionage Political Intrigue Novel) in original Kindle and now new print editions, via Wild Goose Productions.





Flight of The Albatross: Novel, now being edited, will likely
be ready for publication in three to six months.

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