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FROM MY CORNER: Why I’m So Silent

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A friend asked me why I am writing my Blog so infrequently. If you’re interested, it is simple. With all the hoopla over Trump and his Mueller investigation, I’ve just thought that enough criticism is being produced that one more little voice will not be missed and will, instead, be appreciated. Besides, after my voyage… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER, Update: Presidential Candidacy

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I’ve finally figured out how to do this candidacy thing. I’ll write a book describing it. About all the trouble it is to do it – all the difficulties of fighting the establishment that controls the Presidential campaign process. And you can help me. See, the thing is, it’s a closed shop. They won’t let… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Hey, My Mute Readers

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FROM MY CORNER Hey, My Mute Readers: For some three years or more I’m been writing this commentary. All of them are saved in the Archive of my website: A book is in the works. Who actually receives “From My Corner”? Largely, members of my graduating class of 1956 at Will Rogers High, a… continue reading »

From My Corner

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FROM MY CORNER Trigger Finger Trump An American Border agent this week shot and killed a twenty-year-old Guatemalan woman in Rio Bravo, Texas. Claudia Gonzalez was a trained accountant who had crossed into the United States seeking her American dream: a job. Federal officials told a variety of changing stories to justify the killing, but… continue reading »

An Alternative Vision

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FROM MY CORNER An Alternative Vision Becoming a person sensitive to the needs of human beings seriously challenges Trump’s mental capacity.  At the most basic level, he is simply the logical consequence of one of the most decrepit decisions our Supreme Court has ever made. The “Citizens United” decision raised gigantic U.S. Corporations, designed solely… continue reading »