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Yes, I know I am frequently complaining about the state of the world – all the wars, the literally millions who die from them, warriors, women, children, about homeless veterans, starving refugees – but today I am shifting course. The future of America has just now infiltrated the halls of congress: many women, African Americans,… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER, Corporate Immigrant Felons

Howell Hurst American News, Corporate Avarice, Economy & Finance, Prisons & Jails, Racism, Refugees

In case you’ve not noticed, not far back the United States didn’t jail immigrants. Judges allowed those claiming refugee status to be free in America as their cases were scheduled for review and decisions. It was a humane and rational system.  Then Fidel Castro had a brainstorm: he would allow any Cubans wanting to go… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER, Announcing My Candidacy

Howell Hurst 2020 Presidential Election, American News, Climate & Environment, Economy & Finance, People Politics, Poverty, Presidential Election, Racism

FROM MY CORNER Announcing My Candidacy Since America has gotten to the point of malcontents actually mailing bombs to people they don’t like, I think it’s finally time an ordinary guy tossed his hat into the 2020 presidential race. So, I’m tossing mine in right now to get a head start on all the governors,… continue reading »


Howell Hurst 2020 Presidential Election, American News, Defining Trump, People Politics, Poverty, Presidential Election, Racism, Trump

FROM MY CORNER Help The ACLU A recent well-researched magazine article demonstrates that the American Civil Liberties Union has been for almost 100 years our country’s champion of civil liberties. It correctly points out, however, that the ACLU’S well-intended policy of supporting conceptually racist Nazi Agitators’ alleged right to speak is a poorly considered policy…. continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Machiavelli Revisited

Howell Hurst American News, Defense Spending, Defense vs Diplomacy, Defining Trump, People Politics, Prisons & Jails, Racism, Trump

FROM MY CORNER Machiavelli Revisited The American people are following a man with the political instincts of a rattle snake and the prophetic vision of an ox. Professing belief in a Christian God, he exploits the vulnerability of families desperately seeking shelter from other rattle snakes. He literally takes thousands of children from their parents,… continue reading »