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FROM MY CORNER: America’s Stock In Trade

Howell Hurst Nature, People

Buckminster Fuller, the 20th Century inventor of the geodesic dome, commonly said that humans’ biggest problem is their own ignorance. Christopher Hitchens, the brilliantly outspoken writer, science advocate, philosopher, and speaker further supported this in his many books and spoken presentations. One wanted to show us how to house everyone inexpensively.  One wanted to show… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Media’s Myopia

Howell Hurst American News, Humans, People, Racism

[Myopia according to Webster’s is: “nearsightedness; lack of understanding or foresight.” Arguably this defines the state of America’s newspapers and broadcasting companies. And, unfortunately, of too many of the American people.] Nationally, current riots document this near-sightedness after decades of onerous financial oppression of blacks and poor whites by a predominantly wealthy white racist-inclined American… continue reading »


Howell Hurst American News, Humans, People

Someone asked why I write so few commentaries during the virus pandemic. Noting that liqueur stores and gun stores are apparently open and doing quite well, but book stores are not considered essential and remain closed – well, really, what more can one say?