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Howell Hurst American News, Humans, People

Someone asked why I write so few commentaries during the virus pandemic. Noting that liqueur stores and gun stores are apparently open and doing quite well, but book stores are not considered essential and remain closed – well, really, what more can one say?  

FROM MY CORNER: The Human Condition

Howell Hurst Corporate Avarice, Humans, People

As an independent writer with no contract from any giant publishing firm or news organization, my influence upon the world is akin to that of a gnat wrestling a big crocodile. I recognize this and accept it. This independence, however, permits me total freedom to write what I think and believe to be the truth…. continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER, The End of Overconsumption?

Howell Hurst Consumerism, Humans, People

Presently, the petroleum industry has been brought to its knees. It is massively overproducing more oil than is needed. This is evidence that the human race in its greed for “Luxury” has been wasting its finite physical resources. Essentially, we have an unlimited supply of sun, wind, and ocean wave energy to run the world… continue reading »