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Digital Hell

FROM MY CORNER: Putting on Airs?

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A trait that has become all too prevalent in America is arrogance. When I was a young mid-1960’s soldier stationed in Europe, it was common among my fellow Intelligence mates to share that we could all identify Americans walking down the street two blocks away. Their pretentious strut among the unobtrusive Europeans was so obvious:… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: The Consumer Con Game

Howell Hurst Digital Hell

FROM MY CORNER The Consumer Confidence Game The digital consumer world is not the miraculous answer to citizens’ woes as claimed by its software and hardware creators. I am talking about the repeated assertions of Microsoft’s Bill Gates, and previously made by Apple’s Steve Jobs. Having spent a third of my life playing the digital game,… continue reading »

Our Digital Itch

Howell Hurst American News, Digital Hell, People, People Politics

FROM MY CORNER Our Digital Itch The calluses on my brain itch. They are starting to make me a callous person, I think. The hard bumps of the brain I call calluses are the defenses I’ve developed to cope with the absurdities of life. We humans do so many things that make no sense, the… continue reading »