FROM MY CORNER: Big, Fast,Luxurious, and Shallow

Howell Hurst Nature

Let’s inspect our Virus situation with fresh eyes, shall we? Nature’s laws are delivering a message of how to adjust our way of living on this planet to insure we might possibly last another 2,000 years. Nature (or God, if you prefer) is telling us something meaningful. View things from the perspectives of Physics, Chemistry,… continue reading »


Howell Hurst Corona Virus

After my most recent lighter comments, let me say the following. As the depth of potential damage of the Corona Virus becomes daily more apparent scientifically, the really serious problem we have is Mr. Trump’s intellectual inability to grapple with how complexly dangerous this virus potentially is. This and the impending possible avalanche of new… continue reading »


Howell Hurst American News, Humans, People

Someone asked why I write so few commentaries during the virus pandemic. Noting that liqueur stores and gun stores are apparently open and doing quite well, but book stores are not considered essential and remain closed – well, really, what more can one say?