FROM MY CORNER: Catching Up on Life

Howell Hurst American News

September 1, 2019 Carmel Valley, CA . . . At 81 years of age, I can tell I am getting more mature (that’s “older” to those of you who demand concrete reality). How can I tell? Today I bought a small bag of potting soil and two packets of flower seeds. I’m going to try… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER, Return of The Jedi Writer

Howell Hurst American News

Hello, classmates and other friends. How’ve your last eight months been? I’ve been cleaning, restoring, and selling what for twelve years was my home and office: a sprightly ocean cruiser sailboat named Wild Goose. Since I don’t multi-task while writing, but focus on the writing almost exclusively, I’ve not been writing. Rather, just watching the… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER, Thinking Out Loud Again

Howell Hurst 2020 Presidential Election, Defining Trump, People Politics, Racism

I’ve been thinking, and that’s always a dangerous occupation. Note Mr. Trump’s recent experience with it: he sees four off-white ladies’ faces in congress and Tweets they should return to their own countries instead of criticizing America. The problem: three of them were born in America, and one is a fully naturalized citizen. So we… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER, New Words for Our Dictionary

Howell Hurst American News, Defining Trump, People Politics, Refugees

FROM MY CORNER New Words for Our Dictionary (NOUN) TRUMPISTRY. The conspiratorial behavior of an autocratic leader traitorously currying the favor and alliance of other despotic leaders to personally benefit all of them by jointly consolidating their power over the citizens they are pledged to protect.  (VERBS) TO TRUMPIFY. To act in multitudinous ways to… continue reading »