FROM MY CORNER: The Hot Business of The Presidency

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A business colleague advised me to take a subscription to the Wall Street Journal recently, I did so. It contains mostly the same Associated Press news as all newspapers, all the top “breaking news” stories, plus a lot about how well or poorly various mammoth international corporations are faring financially It does not, however, spend… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: Bucky’s Words

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Buckminster Fuller, the renowned 20th Century design scientist, often said that humanity’s chief problem was ignorance. He maintained that too many people simply had never stored away enough verifiable facts to make reasonable decisions. With the president of the planet’s most powerful country a demonstrated enemy of factual scientific and historical information, it is clear… continue reading »

FROM MY CORNER: America’s Stock In Trade

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Buckminster Fuller, the 20th Century inventor of the geodesic dome, commonly said that humans’ biggest problem is their own ignorance. Christopher Hitchens, the brilliantly outspoken writer, science advocate, philosopher, and speaker further supported this in his many books and spoken presentations. One wanted to show us how to house everyone inexpensively.  One wanted to show… continue reading »